We are an organization come to make a change by processing and producing Aloe vera powder under social entrepreneurship, and plan to remain and pride for work durability. And undoubtedly the secret to relics, pride and growth is innovation, top-notchness, perseverance and infinite efforts for creativity to persistently improve quality. With this motivation and belief, we have tried from the beginning to possess the most advanced technology in the field such as spray driers, and create, innovate and utilize the most recent scientific achievements of the world in process and formulation sections with the highest quality and lowest cost of production and provision.

Our exploration in the realm of science and multitudinous technologies of this very product in the corners of the world, and over twenty months of R&D of Saba Company has led us to the knowledge that more than sixty factors and components in the production of Aloe vera powder including various procedures, formulae, main and subsidiary technologies and techniques play roles respectively in preproduction, production and post-production processes.

An abstract to all above is that all the products obtained to date, and all which shall be provided in the future are fruits of our team’s research and innovation in the light of precision and sensitivity, backed by social and scientific visions.